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So the name's Hyper and I'm not very good at organising a wishlist for myself. Swan has had the honours of trying to find mine out but I never told. :D

So things I like or adore, well... anything Fallout related I currently own bottle caps, nuke cola's and assortment of t-shirts/hoodies but my walls are a little bare. I'm in need of some awesome posters or lithograph (something amazing as this would be nice but don't kid yourself it's soo expensive!). I wouldn't mind more t-shirts some of mine are getting a little old and in all honesty t-shirt designs always seem to be better over in say America. One problem is I'm a small and that doesn't always extend to the same size here.
So I'm 36-38 inches or 91-96 cm.

Apart from Fallout I enjoy books that are similar to The Hunger Games. I'm having trouble finding any other interesting books to read and I've finished re-reading divergent trilogy . So anything related to those would be amazing! I need to get hooked on another series!

I also am on the look out for a new gaming headset and mouse but again these are expensive items and I don't expect anyone to gift me these.

I also own these systems but my preferred platform is PC: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP (original) and a 3DS.

My Steam Wishlist is in no numerical order despite it showing.

Merry Christmas!


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