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Sep 26 2014

I was at EGX Eurogamer recently and I got to try out this neat little indie game called Poncho. It really does

May 10 2014
Fallout 4 playtesters?

Recently Bethesda Software have been asking for volunteers to play test an upcoming game. It's rumoured to be

Feb 4 2014

Anyone who hasn't played Elder Scroll Online yet and has signed up may want to check their emails as I just got sent

Dec 14 2013

I want to cry right now, I never expected anyone to gift me anything and I don't know what to say other than THANK

Nov 29 2013
Evacuate the Mojave!

Since it's the beginning of the weekend and most of you American's are celebrating your newly 3 quarters of the

Nov 10 2013

I've had a terrible week, to the point that I'm stressing myself out.

It started with my workplace, being sent to

Nov 6 2013

Who remembers hearing about that glow stick baby costume? Well the person who made it is doing a kickstarter

Sep 11 2013

I have only came across within the last month and well I have never won anything but I haven't given