A chance to rant

I've had a terrible week, to the point that I'm stressing myself out.

It started with my workplace, being sent to another shop to help them out even though I was the most inconvenient person to go. I live too far and it costs more alot more to travel but I still have to go. I had no idea how long I would be staying there but this is the first week of being there and I've suddenly been told that I've been transferred to this shop. I hadn't been asked and they are obligated to do so but I'm hearing different things from my employee's, like how I haven't been transferred and I'm still at my original workplace.

I was suppose to be paid travel expenses to get there but seeing as they believe I work there now I don't get anything. My hours in this shop have been cut to the point that I am basically working for free and cannot afford rent. My only other option is to seek out more work in other shops nearby but who wants to do that? I have however done just so that this week but I'm already sick of it!

I have been in and out with my manager, personal's asking what the hell is going on and if they can do this to me? Because of my movement I lose out on extra pay due to my other workplace being a premium shop and the shop I'm currently in being closed on Sundays. Also people in the current place I work are extremely lazy where I end up doing everything and they either, go out for a fag, sit on the toilet for half an hour or go out to get more tobacco.

I've either had to drink my problems away or get involved in games to the point that I've been playing all night and I have to get ready to work again. I also managed to break my phone as I juggled too many things are once. I'm now phone-less while I wait for repairs for something I can barely afford. My oyster card (an electronic travel pass) refused to work on any bus, train or machine so I spent 5 mins standing next to a machine desperately trying to get it to work while an operator writes out a temp ticket.

Some good news with that is I went to the nearest station and asked about a number I could call to replace it. The staff member made my day by replacing it for free, he had to guess the last 3 digits on the back of the card they happened to rubbed off after 6 years of usage. Lucky for me I avoiding a £5 charge for a new replacement!

But I end the week on feeling blue as I started to get sick last night, I literally pass out when I got home and slept for 16 hours. I still feel like crap but it's definitely alot better than yesterday. Alas my new chaotic week starts again tomorrow, wish me luck.


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