So the name's Hyper and I'm not very good at organising a wishlist for myself. Swan has had the honours of trying to find mine out but I never told. :D

So things I like or adore, well... anything Fallout related I currently own bottle caps, nuke cola's and assortment of t-shirts/hoodies but my walls are a little…



I was at EGX Eurogamer recently and I got to try out this neat little indie game called Poncho. It really does deserve some more limelight as this game closely resembles, Fez, Cave story and I even misjudged it for a clone of Terraria but it's far from that.

Fallout 4 playtesters?

Recently Bethesda Software have been asking for volunteers to play test an upcoming game. It's rumoured to be Fallout 4 and Bethesda has been asking questions to participates about FPS/RPG games.

All participates have to be US residents (unfortunately), it is a closed test and this is what the application looks like:

Check your emails!

Anyone who hasn't played Elder Scroll Online yet and has signed up may want to check their emails as I just got sent an beta invite.

I know alot of you have played it already and gave your honest reviews but I am truly excited for this! It's start this sat 7th Feb.


I want to cry right now, I never expected anyone to gift me anything and I don't know what to say other than THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
I really don't know if I can accept these it's just... too much!

I am officially back, I came home about 2 hours ago and it hasn't been easy.
I haven't felt Christmas-y for the last 4 years…

Evacuate the Mojave!

Since it's the beginning of the weekend and most of you American's are celebrating your newly 3 quarters of the price goods or still with family members from Thanks giving I thought I'd share a delightful video that might make you celebrate alittle bit more.

Did I mention it's Fallout related?
From a diehard fan,…

A chance to rant

I've had a terrible week, to the point that I'm stressing myself out.

It started with my workplace, being sent to another shop to help them out even though I was the most inconvenient person to go. I live too far and it costs more alot more to travel but I still have to go. I had no idea how long I would be staying…

Stick baby

Who remembers hearing about that glow stick baby costume? Well the person who made it is doing a kickstarter campaign and surprisingly enough he's trying to make them as affordable as possible. For a costume like glowy zoey he wants to market it at $30 so I think it's better than say buying a smithy outfit probably…


Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force

Now I know most of you have been playing GTA V but have any of you taken to the time to interact with object such as the TV? I happened to come across this most hilarious, slight crossover from Scooby doo but very much offensive in every manner.
I took the time to watch this for like 5-10 and it reminds me heavily of…


I have only came across steamgifts.com within the last month and well I have never won anything but I haven't given away anything either. Today I tried, twice and well it was deleted once by me and the second time by the site. I came to realise that the game I was trying to give away was in a beta and beta keys aren't…