Well I might take the plunge and buy an Xbone all thank to Forza Horizon 2.
I can't get over how pretty it is and assuming Microsoft aren't lying that it's all in game footage and with that in mind I probably will get destiny as well. All my friends are playing it at the moment and have left be behind, alone on steam.… » 9/12/14 10:22am Friday 10:22am

I don't really like it to be honest but why is there Kinja in the top left corner instead of TAY? I get it's showing us other popular Kinja blogs but would you want TAY to be there instead?
I feel like being in the middle is being overshadowed and it's too small.

I just noticed the notification button/sign/whatever is… » 9/11/14 3:02pm Thursday 3:02pm

My oldest game in my backlog that I haven't played? I think it's Dragon age: Origins, oh no wait it's S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky and that dates back to 2008.
I have Splinter Cell: Blacklist ultimate edition sealed still and I think it comes with a watch not that I'd ever wear it. I got this on disk right before Humble… » 9/11/14 11:01am Thursday 11:01am

Is every pro player upload videos to YouTube about teaching you how to aim or spray?
I would have imagined if you know who these guys are or even interested in them or CS:GO you would be able to aim. But seriously I've seen enough of these uploaded over the last 24 hrs. » 9/10/14 7:57pm 9/10/14 7:57pm

I'm currently frustrated and annoyed. I've had a long weekend of doing nothing but job searching or playing games. I'm hardly working at the moment and I'm struggling to get any hours. I just wrote an essay explaining my situation to my personal manager asking about a transfer request I sent two months ago but she… » 9/08/14 10:49am 9/08/14 10:49am

Once again the same games are picked.
Whats the point of voting when we all know Dota, TF2, Halo are gonna be the games to play?
I don't care about Destiny, I never played the beta and I don't have a next gen console to play it on but I can understand everyone's excitement to play it. So that is understandable being on… » 9/06/14 4:48pm 9/06/14 4:48pm

I reckon we should try again another day and maybe a different host just to see who might match up better but ultimately this flopped. I don't wanna give up though but I was quite excited about playing such a large group. My highest has only been 5-7 people. » 9/02/14 11:28pm 9/02/14 11:28pm

You're really not listening to Emil. He said conflicted hardware or DRIVERS. Your specs might be fine but everything inside your PC might not be. Maybe you've checked but for what you've mentioned is unheard of because anyone with half a brain would soon realise its a fault on there end. » 8/28/14 8:44pm 8/28/14 8:44pm